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About The Author

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Ruth Sadi El (formerly Wanda M R Garrett)

Her name is Ruth El, and she use to be called (Wanda M. R. Garrett,) but for religious and personal reasons she decided on a name change.  One thing she is proud and honored to do is carry one of her mother's middle names.
Ruth is a strong Hebrew name filled with much character;  friendliness, respectability, loyalty and trustworthiness. Ruth is loving, puts other people's needs in front of her own.  Ms. Ruth El is all this and so much more, she wants her life to make a difference in the life of a child. She is a multi-talented spiritual poet and artist; writing under many genres.
Ms. Ruth currently lives in  Georgia with her soul mate and gives much time to her writing.
She has two published collections of poetry to her credit, Expressions From Wanda  which  is being revised to show her spiritual growth and new outlook on life. This revised collection will be called Truthful Expression to be published in the Fall of 2010.  
The second book in the Little David series is called, "Little David Is Having A Very Very Bad Day" and the third book is called, "Little David Says, Exercise With Me."  These two picture books are due to be published in the winter of 2010.


This is the author Ruth El today and still with the same beautiful smile and thirst for life. She says,  "life is to be
celebrated and enjoyed one day at a time. Life is a gift
from Father God and we must cherish every moment.