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Preview Page from Little David

All ready for bed Little David

Says his prayers,

Little David starts to thank God

For all those that care,



He thanks God for Mommy, Sister and Day,

He thanks God for all the things that he has,

He thanks God for being able to talk,

And he prays that someday he’ll be able to walk.



LITTLE DAVID is a special child as your can see from his wheel chair and crutches, but he still takes time to pray for others. 

LITTLE DAVID is filled with hopes and dreams. He knows how it feels to be special and loved by his Mother and sister.

Even though he prays and still can't walks, he doesn't let that discourage him from sending up pryers for everybody else.

There is a lot to be said for this special little boy who takes the time to take his mind off of himself and his physical limitations to pray for others around him.


I hope you enjoy this new Black and  White Edition of Little David, which will be available soon; printed copy and downloadalbe copy,

filled with black and white illustrations.

This book will touch and the hearts of all children, young and old with special needs and those who don't. 

It's filled with more fun pages in the back of the book for young people to draw and express themselves with the help of parents and teachers alike.  Everybody can join in and have learning fun about your feelings.


 RUTH SADI EL, Author/Illustrator/Poetess





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