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"Expressions From Wanda" Limited Edition only 100 copies left
Order this spiritual and insightful collection of poetry and she
will autograph her book for you.

ISBN 1-5641-1319-1


Author Ruth Sadi El
Once known as (Wanda M R Garrett).
Her books, original Little David and
Espressions from Wanda were penned
under the name of (Wanda M. R. Garrett).
She is now known as Ruth Sadi El and
revisions of her works will carry her
new name.  With a new outlook on life,
her God and her religion comes a new
name which she proudly wears. 

Expressions From Wanda can be purchased through PayPal  or Order direct from the author at the below address. Send money order to:
Ruth Sadi El
6694 Wolf River Dr.
Riverdale, GA 30297
Special Limited Edition  $8.00, all books will be autographed by the author.  s/h is included in the book price. Going fast.
Expressions From Wanda will be revised and updated and
published under its new name: TRUTHFUL EXPRESSIONS