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M.S.T. A. 1928

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Morrish Holy Koran  
Pg 60, Chapter 48:10
Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights, because you are not negroes.  Learn of your forefathers ancient and divine Creed.  That you will learn to love instead of hate.




The Earth use to be one Great Land Mass
before the great Earthquake

Islam Islam Islam
(Peace Peace Peace)
We say All Praise To Our Father God-Allah and
His/Our Savior Prophet Drew Ali, and honors to
Our Spiritual Leadership 

To learn more about "The Moorish Science Temple of America" and speak to someone live click on the links below. "Nationality Is Still the Order of the Day"
If you don't know who you are, how can you know your true history?  If you don't know where you came from,
how can you know who your ancient forefathers are, their culture, religion, land mass and your flag.
Moorish Holy Koran Chp. 47: 10-11
10. What your ancient forefathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction.
11. There is no one who is able to change man from the descendant nature of his forefathers; unless his power extends beyond the great universal Creator Allah Himself.
We must be reconnected back to our Ancient Forefathers.  Our History doesn't start (up from slavery!! ).  Our History started from the beginning of time; we came from Kings and Queens.
Our Ancestors rule Spain for almost 800 years and took those people out of the Dark Ages.  "The Moors added to the grandeur of Spain.  We have an illustrious past that has been written out of  history.  We have his-tory.  Now it's time to learn of our place in world history.  We need our own!
 The Truth Will Set Us Free!!!!

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MSTA 1928


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