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M.S.T. A. 1928

Red Crescent & Star World Studio

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Prophet's Birthright (Poem)
The Prophet Is A Moslem (Poem)
Moorish New Year Poem
"The Word Black"
Red Crescent & Star World Radio
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Moorish Matters LIVE This coming August 25th (Saturday) @ 8PM EST This will be our VERY FIRST LIVE airing of Red Crescent & Star World Studio. This will be a LIVE panel discussion made out of varies Moorish National and Locale Leaders. We invite all to listen in via telephone or computer. If you have, questions feel free to email them to us at they will be read during the Q&A portion of the show. This show is set to embark on those tough topics that few Moorish American will speak on, it is our sincere goal to educate, inform and uplift in the areas that will bring a positive change for the betterment of Humanity. So join us LIVE and do pass the word.

Are you ready to Speak to the World??.. Click on the microphone and view the details in starting your very own Web Radio Program.  Fill out the online form and one of our studio associates will talk to you further about getting your show aired across the World. We're just providing a service you have to bring the Talent.  


Click on the Mic above and once you get to the Radio website click on the Mic and it will take you to the information page which will show you how you can host your very own radio program.