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M.S.T. A. 1928

(Poem) The Prophet Was A Moslem

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The Prophet Was A Moslem
All the Prophets were bound to teach
Allah's one and only faith
It came in different languages
The Prophets made no mistake
But our Prophet had a book
To teach the faith un-altered
In their own tongue
Prophet Drew Ali was sent
And never faultered
He was sent to
A mind dead people
Asiatics were the ones
Mind entangled with confusion
Our Prophet put the devil
One the run
The Prophet was a Moslem
Brought the religion of Islamism
To the West
Brought it to his mentally
enslaved people
Minds bombarded with that
European mess
He came to a people confused
and battered
And had lost their way
The had been stripped of their
true religion
And forgot to whom they should
Prophet Drew Ali was a Moslem
Brought the faith of Mohammad
From the East to the West
Cleaned out the cultural trappings
Brought Asiatics Allah's best
The Prophet was a Moslem
Why do Moors find this so strange
What he brought to the West
He taught and lived the same
A true Moor is a real Moslem
The religion of his forefathers
passed down
What our Prophet brought to his
Was Moorishly sound
Poem written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright Sept 13, 2007
All Rights Reserved
This poem in its entirety will be in a new collection of poetry called "From The Heart of A Moabitess" due to be self-published in 2009

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