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M.S.T. A. 1928

Who Is A Moorish American/Moslem

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[Key 17], What is our Religion?  Islamism
Holy Quran of Mecca
Surah 49:13,
We sent not a messenger Except (to teach) in the language of his  (own) people, in order To make (things) clear to them.  Now Allah leaves straying Those whom He pleases And guides who He pleases:  And He is Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.
Surah 10:47,
To every people (was sent) A Messenger; when their Messenger Comes (before them), the matter Will be judged between them With Justice, and they Will not be wronged
Keep in mind that Allah sends Messengers/Prophets to guide a people who have fallen off the path of truth.  Each Messenger/Prophet that is sent knows the people for whom he is sent too, because he is of those people. He knows the history, the hurts, the dispair, and yes the suffering.  Allah sends Messengers/Prophets to correct what is wrong and lead them back to the True Religion of their Ancient Ancestors.
In the Holy Quran of Mecca Surah 22:67,
To every People have We appointed rites and ceremonies which they follow: Let them not then dispute with thee on the matter, But do thou invite (them) to thy Lord: for thou art assuredly on the Right Way.
For every race of people Allah has blessed them with their own Sacred Religious Observances, Practices, and formal Religous Customs of their own,  and they have a prescribed form.
This means that the so-called black, negroes, colored people, Afro/African American have their own Rites and Ceremonies that have been passed down through their Ancient Ancestors.  So knowing this we should not have had to adopt the religion of another race of people with its own observances and practices.
Yes, my unconcious Brothers and Sisters (We have our own, from our own Ancient Forefathers and Mothers); they laid down our own Divine, Religious Creed and Principles.  Rites and Ceremonies that we must follow as a race.

MAM - Moorish American Moslems
1. They are members of the Moorish Science Temple of America
2. They have proclaimed their Nationality before the congregation
3. They believe in the One True God Allah and His Prophet Drew Ali, and they practice the religion of their forefathers which is Islam.
4. They are dues paying members.
5. They belong to a Temple.
6. They have a Grand Sheik and are being taught their Divine Creed.
7. They are being taught to be law abiding citizens, who live a peaceful existence with everything around them.
This is what our Holy and Divine Prophet Drew Ali set up; this is what makes us Moorish American Moslems. (Moors)

Moorish American Moslems:  It's not what is Moorish American Moslems, but who are they. They are Moors who have embraced their true National Name and have been connected back to their God Allah, and the religion of their Ancient Forefathers Divine Creed and Principles. Allah sent the Asiatics of North America a Prophet who's name is "Prophet Drew Ali (PBUH), the first Americanized Prophet sent to the West to teach his people who they  are and reconnect them back to the faith of their Forefathers which is Islam.  A Religion of Peace.

The Holy Koran of the MSTA Chapter 47:15, The time  has come when every nation must worship under its own vine and fig tree, and every tongue must confess his own.

During the time of slavery in this country our Ancestors were stripped of their identity,  their culture, their heritage, their language and most importantly; their religion.

After so many generations had passed the oppressed negroes, colored, black people, had taken on the indentity and culture of those who had stripped and enslaved them. Negro, Colored, Black, Ethiopian, Afro/African American are tags (marks) that identify our people as still being mental slaves and property. Allah didn't create these names and they are not part of the human race.


Chinese come from China and they have a flag and land mass, Chinese Americans

Nigerians come from Nigeria a country in Africa and they have a flag and land mass, Nigerian Americans

Egyptians come from Egypt and they have a flag and a land mass, Egyptian Americans

Algierians come from Algiers and they have a flag and a land mass, Algierian Americans

Irish come from Ireland and they have a flag and land mass.  

1.  Where does the negro, black, colored, afro american, african american hail from?  

2.  Where is his land mass that he can connect himself too and where is his/her flag? 

Nationality Is Still The Order of the Day 

Our people in this country are without a National Name, flag, landmass; and our Prophet Drew Ali was sent to give us back what had been stripped and taken away

More Questions:  If our true Religion and Practice of it wasn't important to us; why was it stopped and banned by those who enslaved our Ancestors? 

Why was our Ancestors forbidden to practice their religion of Islam and forced to accept the religion of the very ones that enslaved them?   

If who we really are and where we came from wasn't  important; then why was it taken away and our history hidden and rewritten. 

These are some important questions that we must think about!!

After a time, our Ancestors no longer knew who they were and the generations after them.  They had no idea as to what their true religion was, or even why it was taken away from our them during slavery. So called blacks in this country still have no idea what was taken away or how to get back their free National Name which will identify them as a Nation, and put them back into the affairs of Nations around the world.

There is no negro, colored, black, afro/african american race attached to the human family. Allah created the human race and made tribes and nations that we should know one another and not despise each other because of our differences.

Not only did Allah have to send us a Prophet to put us back on the right path, but he had the job of giving us back our true identity. We are Moorish Americans, descendants from the ancient Moabites and our true religion is Islam. This is what our Prophet  Drew Ali brought to us in the West.

In the Holy Quran of Mecca Sura 14:4 We sent not an Apostle except (to teach) in the language of his (own) people, in order to make (things) clear to them.....etc.

So just like a Prophet was sent to other nations of people in trouble, Allah sent to the Asiatics of Norht America a Prophet to save them from themselves and put them back on the right path back to Him. Also in the Holy Quran Sura 43:3 We have made it a Quran in Arabic, that you may be able to understand (and learn wisdom). The people at that time were Arabs who were worshipping over 300 different gods and had fallen so far off the path Allah sent to them Prophet Mohammad and he came being able to speak the language of the people he had to turn around from their sinful ways.

When a people are in trouble, God Allah sends them a Prophet to put them back on the right path that they have strayed away from. Out of the so-called Negro/Black/Colored people Allah had to send someone who was one of us and was familiar with the plight of the newly freed slaves. They needed to learn who they were, where they came from, who their Ancestors are and bring them back to the religion that was stripped from them.  Allah's Prophet had to speak and understand the language.  So a  Prophet was raised from amongst us and his name is, 

The Holy Prophet  Drew Ali (PBUH), who

 founded The Moorish Science Temple of

America for the uplifting of fallen

humanity. And to teach his people to be

themselves, so they can love instead of hate.

He had to teach his people how to love themselves once again and stop all the self hate. And within the Moorish Science Temple of America is where the negro/black/colored/afro-african american can join and learn about their nationality  and the religion of their Ancient Forefathers which is Islam.  Islam is Allah Religion of Peace and total submission to Him.

What our Ancient Forefathers were, you are today, because no one has the power to change the descendant nature of your forefathers; unless they have power greater then God Allah Himself.

Moorish American Moslems:

They don’t practice a foreign Islamic creed such as Al-Islam. Our Prophet Drew Ali brought to us a simplistic form of Islamism here in the West, for our understanding and spiritual salvation. You don't have to speak Arabic to be a Moslem; (This is a myth, because Allah is not an Arab).

Moorish American Moslems believe and imitate their Prophet and obey and live by the words of their Prophet Drew Ali, because his words are Law.

They believe that Islam is a way of life; of a peaceful and righteous life before God Allah.

Our Prophet came to free Asiatics (blacks, negroes, colored people, Afro/African Americans), from mental slavery by teaching us how to be ourselves and make us better citizens for Allah’s kingdom. 

(The Moorish Science Temple of America) is the Educational Arm of the MDNM  (Moorish Divine National Movement) to teach us all we need to know to save ourselves and become better men and women. (Moors)

We sense a deeper human worth and a desire to perfect our relationship with our Father God-Allah, by imitating the life, works and teachings of our Savior Prophet Noble Drew Ali (PBUH); Allah's love thought made manifest in the flesh.

Moorish Americans Moslems practice the peaceful existence between Allah, their environment and all of mankind. To the Moorish American Moslems, Islam is a way of life, for our moral and spiritual development.

Being A Moorish American Moslem - means that we are proclaiming  our Nationality and we are being taught our Nationality and our Divine Creed.  It also means that we promptly attend our meeings.  We know that we cannot call ourselves Moorish American Moslems and not belong to a Temple.

I hope this explanation has added some extra help for those who have emailed me about questions that you might have about Who or What  is an Moorish American Moslem. Here are some very informative web sites for you to learn more.


University of Moorish Science


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