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Moorish Heart
Truthful Expressions
Moorish Essence



Ruth Sadi El is a true poet in every since of the word.  She has been writing poetry for well over 30 years and is now ready to share her latest works with the world.  She wrote her first collection and self-published it in 2000.  The collection of poetry was called "Expressions From Wanda,"  which she isn't afraid to say it didn't do well.  Not that what she wrote was bad, but it takes money to promote anything that you self publish and she has learned a lot about self promotng since then.  This collection has been revised and re-written with a new title called, "Truthful Expressions." 
With a name change and a new found religion she has incorporated her new Moorish principles into her works.
She also changed her name and is now known by, Ruth Sadi El.  Her poetry is more inspirationally heighten and profound and her walk with her God Allah can be felt in all the words she pens.
She is determined to put herself out their and really promote her works.  Ruth is very expressive and explosive, with her words and sometimes a controversial poet.  But she tells the truth in all that she writes and life inspires her and fills her with zeal.  She writes of life situations, life circumstances, her God and her Prophet.  Ruth writes to educate, encourage, provide food for the soul and spirit. 
Ruth Sadi El writes to uplift and to challenge her readers to really open up their minds and meditate.  She is called an explosive inspirational poet because when she reads she puts all of herself into her words.  She is the message that she brings, with power and conviction.
Even though her poetry is inpsirational, everyone who loves poetry and has an open mind will enjoy the energy put forth into her pieces that she has penned from deep inside her heart.
She has a passion about who she is and when you read her works you will sense and feel her sincerity and her religious convictions in every word.
She hopes that you will enjoy her books and if you have any comments or questions about her book covers don't hesitate to write her and leave your comment; she will answer.

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