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A Touch of Moorish Essence


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Poem excerpts from "Truthful Expressions"
Copyright 1997 - rewritten and Copyright 2012
This collection of poems has been rewritten to
express Ruth's spiritual growth and outlook on


Summer 1980


Life, Oh life, what does life mean,

A big fine home

Or a pocket full of green,

A bank account for higher


Or a savings account

Enough for a dream


What is life?

What do we live for?

We’re never satisfied

Or we keep hollering

for more,

What does life mean?

And where will it end?

Do we live our life a day

at a time?

To accommodate our


When my body is laid

to rest,

Is my life really gone?

Or is my life like a night,

When it goes,

Then up springs the

morning dawn,

This being deep within

Does it too get laid to rest,

Or does it live on after


Still seeking life’s best,

What is my life anyway?

What am I living for?

I feel that there is something


Some final dramatic score,

I feel that there is two of me,

One deep inside my soul,

To understand life,

I want to know while young,

Not when I’m useless and old.



Holy Koran MSTA Chapter 3:5-6

There are two self’s; the higher and the lower self.  [6] The higher self is human spirit clothed in soul, made in the form

of Allah.





Summer 1980


The world is in a terrible mess,

Running here and running there,

Trying to find rest,

With all the luxuries money can


They are still unhappy with all


Material things,

Young people restless,

Don’t know which way to go,

Politicians shaking their heads,

Because they just don’t know,

People loosing their jobs today,

As fast as the sun burns up


America what in this world

Can you say will really last,

Father God’s word is living

And will always remain,

Only God can rid the soul of


Despair and pain,

The word of God can put

your heart,

Soul and conscience at peace,

God’s truths can straighten out

The world’s problems to say

the least,

His word has salvation an

cannot failed,

Let’s turn to Father God and let

truth prevail,

What really counts is what’s

in your spirit,

Peace in the mind,

The world needs to hear it,

Peace is not even with the old,

The young also searching,

Times are getting cold,

Turn back to Father God,

All who hear the call,

Truth is out there for everyone,

Embrace the truth and stand tall,

Let’s face up to our problems


When you hear the call of Truth,

Kneel in your heart and pray.




Summer 1980


When the enemy comes rushing in,

All I can do is stand,

Hits from the left and from the right

surrender sin demands,

I look up to heaven and raise my hands

In praise,

And I shout hallelujah,

Victory is mine in

Allah’s name,

With my past now behind,

I am looking straight ahead,

No turning back for this child,

I’m headed upward now instead,

This race that I am now running,

Fast is not what counts,

But he who endures

these trails of life,

Will make it to the end,

I don’t mind the struggle,

I know what waits for me,

My connection back to Father God,

Eyes are opened now I see,

I’ll endure the pain and suffering,

The lies and the neglect,

I’ll even endure being talked about,

Father God’s not finished with me yet,

I might slip along the way,

But He’ll put me back on my feet,

He’ll wrap His spirit around me,

And His truth feels so sweet,

I now know where I am going,

I’m looking straight ahead,

No turning back for this child,

I’m marching forward now



All poems on this site are the property of the Author Ruth Sadi El
Copyright 2005-2012