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A Touch of Moorish Essence

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Spiritually Uplifting, Thought Provoking and Praise Worthy Poems That Will Enlighten the soul, and Feed Your Spirit, Plus Inspirational Writings and Commentaries


     Truthful Expressions is a rewrite of the original collection of poetry called, Expressions From Wanda. After this author took on a new name and new direction in her spiritual life; her book will reflect the changes that have taken place in her life over the past five years.

     Ms. Ruth El is her new name and she is a Moorish American Moslem.  Ms. Ruth was known as (Wanda Marie Roberts Garrett.)  She gives all praise to her Father God Allah, Islam and her Prophet Drew Ali for her new found direction in her Moorish Life.
     She talks about family and how family means sacrafice of yourself; your time, your energies, your finances and anything else that you can give to help and comfort a family member in need, and this also means your spiritual Family.

      Ms Ruth writes;poems about Real Life Issues and it can be felt in every word she has penned.  In this recreated version of her book, you will find yourself throughout the pages of this collection of poetry and your spirit will sing, dance, cry tears of joy, and will cause you to shout the victory. 

     She has a style all her own, the words she uses are  plain and simple because; she wants everyone to understand what she is saying. You will enjoy this collection because; it will speak to your heart and soul and will cause your spirit within you to be elevated to another level.

Truthful Expressions will be coming your way in the Fall of 2012