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My Pets

The Sadi El Pets

His name is Hannibal.

6 month old Hannibal

     Hannibal is no longer with us. One afternoon
I went to the backyard to bring him in and
he grabbed a hold of the sleeve of my sweater, put a big tare in it then proceeded to bite my finger leaving a bloody puncture wound.  Another tooth scratched the back of my hand.  It felt like a brick hit my hand.  Instant fear of my dog set in.
     My soul mate heard me scream from pain and 
I met him as I went into the house.  All I could say was, "Hannibal attacked my hand." He went to put hannibal on his leash to bring him into the house and he attack his hand in the same manner that drew blood.
     Needless to say that was the end of hannibal. We are still not sure what made him turn in that split second.  We  had him sense he was six weeks old. Hannibal was an indoor dog and had the best of everything.  That day was his last day with us.

This is Shakka

He is almost three years old


Shakka is almost three years old; weighs 10 lbs.  He hates picture taking. He has to be fooled into taking a picture.

Hannibal and Shakka relaxing

Young Spirit less than a year old.

Spirit our minpin is less than a year old.


Spirit is now 2 1/2 and weighs 5 lbs. and Shakka is 7 years old.  They both are in from of a portable heater they claimed as their own.  Spirit wanted more warmth so she lays on top of Shakka for her pillow.


Spirit 2 1/2 years old, 5 lbs and full of life.  She is posing for this picture.


Spirit and Shakka are the best of friends.