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On this site you will find a selection of poems that was
written by the poetess. She wrote these poems especially for the month of April; which is National Poetry Month.
Those who have participated in the poetry challenge she gives much props. And for the true poet writing a poem a day is as natural as breathing. Poetry is what we are; it's what we do and it's what we live for. Sharing your gifts with the world.
Throughout this websites you will find various poems on many topics. The Poetess hopes that one of these poems will touch you or that you can find yourself in one of them.
Read and Enjoy

The poems will not be in any particular order for the first poem is for Day 21 called:

"I Hear Them Calling"

I hear them calling
Hold on don't give in
Don't let them have it
You are free within
Bound on the outside
Freedom inside your soul
They might wound you
Mental shackles can not hold
Hold on
I hear them calling
Give up what you know
The Ancients can't help you
So just let them go
Freedom run deep
Inside the spirit of your mind
Chains can bind up
The knowledge
You can't leave behind
I hear them calling
Forsake the God you knew
Take up serving ours
You God don't love you
I hear them calling
The Ancient Spirits of the past
Telling us to hold on
These chains won't last
Keep the hymns moving
Deep inside you soul
Sing them to the young
Repeat them to the old
I hear them calling
Come back
To the God you once knew
Come back to the Ancient
For they are waiting for you

Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright April 21, 2008
Time: 6:25pm EST
Day 22
April 22, 2008
What Really Matters
Looking across the endless sky
No longer asking the question why
My life is intact
My mind is strong
I'm on that Straight Path
And I know where I belong
Got the strength of the Ancient Ones
Flowing through my spirit
Truth echoing
In the stillness I can hear it
Distant drums
Pounding out the signs
Giving me directions
My life now in rhyme
Truth reaching
None can stop
Stirring on the inside
Reaching now for the top
Answers within
Edging me to come
Finally I'm reaching
For the promised One
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright April 22, 2008
Time: 9:35pm EST
DAY 28
APRIL 28, 2008
Once Upon A Time Ago
Once upon a time ago
Our Ancestors lost
Their way
Enslaved in a country
Stripped of all they knew
But they never forgot
How to pray
They tried to keep up
Their culture and customs
From the Motherland
They loved
Generations past
And they forgot
The true Message
Was sent from above
Generations of History
They tried to erase away
But they forgot the strength
Of our people was found
In to whom they prayed
So much has been lost
And forgotten
In the attic of Ancient Time
So much needs to come
Back to us quickly
For our people's lives
Are out of rhyme
We must find our way back
To where it all began
We must start taking
Off the mind shackles
And truly learn our
Real history again
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright April 28, 2008
Time: 8:54 PM EST
All Rights Reserved

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