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Life Is Color Coded | Slide Show | The Artist | New Painting | Life Experience #2 -- (c) 2001

Paintings by Artist Ruth El

Life Is Color Coded

     Ruth believes that life itself is moved by colors and colors reflect the mood of a person and how they truly feel. One day as a teenager Ruth woke up one morning and told her mother that she felt patchy.
     This was a strange feeling and one Ruth could not explain. So she sat down at her mother's sewing machine and gathered pieces of material together and made herself a patch quilt skirt.  It was filled with many designs and colors and Ruth was pleased with herself.

     That morning Ruth was filled with many mixed emotions and could not put them into words so she made a patch quilt skirt that apeased the many emotions that she was feeling this particular morning.

To Ruth "Life Is Color Coded"

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Expression Series #3
Medium: Acrylic on Newsprint Paper
Date: Summer 1995
Size: 14x17
Artist: Ruth S. El (formerly Wanda M. R. Garrett)
This artist changed her named in 2005

Expression Series #3 painted 1995

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