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Life Is Color Coded | Slide Show | The Artist | New Painting | Life Experience #2 -- (c) 2001

The Artist

Paintings by Artist Ruth El

Artist Ruth El (formerly Wanda M. R. Garrett)

When Ruth started out painting it was in 1994. Her name then was Wanda. She use to draw strange flowers and other designs then one day she decided to put color to her many drawings. Ruth was pleased with the outcome. She has been painting every since.
All her paintings then and now have a message and will speak to you where you are.
In 2005 her name was changed to Ruth Sadi El because she changed her religion and her outlook on life, regained a lost nationality and birthright.
So with a change on the inside there had to be a change on the outside. She then dropped her slave name and took up a name that speaks of who she has become now.
The Author, The Poet, The Artist
Ruth Sadi El

Expression Series Painting #1

First Collection:  Expression Series #1
Acrylic on Newsprint
Copyright 2004
By Artist Ruth Sadi El (fomerly Wanda M. R. Garrett)
All Paintings are the sole  property of the Artist
All Rights Reserved

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