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Her name is Ruth Sadi El and she has been writing poetry for over 25 years.  This is a gift Father God blessed her with,  to be able to touch people with the written rhyming word.
She has published three collections of poetry,
Expressions From Wanda and God Cares For You which is being revised.  She has published another collection called, Truth In Rhyme which is a six part series of questionnaire keys for Moorish Americans. Ruth is presently working on two more collections.  She published her first children's picture book in September 2004 through LuLu Inc. called, "Little David."  
Her  work with personalized poetry started about 20 years ago; writing mostly for her family and friends.  Ruth considers this to be a very unique gift for she has been blessed by God to be able to feel the needs of many of her customers. 
The name meanings sometimes takes the form of personal messages from Father God.  Her inspirational rhyming style is just what is needed for those special occasions.

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