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Personalized Name Meanings

Order Form

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Ordered by:
Name: _______________________
Address: _____________________
City: _________________ State:_____
E-mail Address: _____________
Phone: _____________
First name for whom the Name Meaning is for:
Address of person Name Meaning is intended for:
Zip Code:__________
(only provide address if you want us to  mail-out your Name Meaning)
Price per Personalized Name Meaning:  $12.00
without being printed on glossy paper and framed,
add $2.00 for shipping & handling. Total=$14.00
All Personalized Name Meanings are printed on specialty paper 8.5x11 and suitable for you
to frame.
If you would like your Name Meaning printed on glossy paper add: $1.00 per name 
Frame add: $4.00 per name
Total: Name Meaning printed on  glossy paper and framed: $17.00 per name meaning. S/H included
Money Orders make Payable to:
Ruth Sadi El
Mail to:
Ruth Sadi El
852 Brian Ct.
Forest Park, GA  30297
After payment and order form has been received a call of confirmation is made.  Your name meaning will be shipped out once completed.
Please allow 5 - 10 days for delivery depending on what part of the country you live in. Don't forget to
include a way of contact, email or phone number.
For your convenience you can purchase your Personalized Name Meaning through PayPal, once payment has been confirmed, Fax your printed order form to 770 968 8941.  If you are purchasing your Name Meaning for a special event please order two weeks in advance to make sure it gets to it's destintion on time.
Please allow 3-7 busines days for delivery for faxed orders and purchased through PayPal.
If you would like your purchased  Personalized Name Meaning to be mailed directly to the person it's intended for, just add $3.00 for this service to your order total.
Regular everyday price:
$12.00 - Personalized Name Meaning (matt finish)
$2.00   - Shipping & Handling
Total:  $14.00 
Using our special mail-out service
$12.00 - Personalized Name Meaning
$1.00 - glossy paper
$4.00 - frame
$3.00 - mail out service to the person receiving the
Personalized Name Meaning
Total = $20.00
Us & Canada only at this time
Thank you in advance for your purchase
Print out this order form or cut/paste and
email it too:

Personalized Name Meanings* Forest Park* GA *30297 *Fax: 770 968 8941