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MOABITESS DAY May 17, 2009
Poem Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright May 2009
Many Titles
Many hats
She wears with pride
And that's a fact
A Moabitess job
Is never done
From morning
To evening
She's on the run
In every situation
She must stop and think
For a Moabitess job
Is forever linked
To her God and Husband
Children and friends
To other family members
Her loyalty never ends
She should be honored
 Lifted high and praised
From within her
Can grow a Nation
Powerful and brave
As a Moabitess Queen
You have a Sister for life
Dedicated to the core
Committed to all that's right
Godly love
Is what she is about
Caring for all she can
With her there is no doubt
She's one with God Allah
And her  path is Straight
Moorishly connected
She knows what awaits
On a Spiritual Note
She's Islamically sound
And in her heart
True love abounds
In this Moabitess Queen
You have a friend for life
And never with her
Do you have to asked twice
A Sister, Mother
Daughter and friend
With this Queen in your life
You can always depend
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright * May 2009
All Rights Reserved
Written in honor of "MOABITESS DAY"
May 17, 2009


Ruth Sadi El / Poetess/Author/Artist

A True Moabitess
Her Love is pure and clean
And this is what makes her
A Moabitess Queen
A loyal Friend
She will always be
Her sincerity all eyes can see
Her devotion to Allah
And her undying Faithfulness
Makes her A True Moabitess
Filled with peacefulness
A loving companion
To her Sisters in need
She is known by her Moorish
And Deeds
She has a love for her
Prophet Drew Ali
She thanks Allah daily
Because she has eyes to see
Her steadfastness comes
From her Oneness with Allah her God
In the footsteps of her Prophet
She must trod
She lives the faith of Islam
A True Moabitess in deed
Bound by her Forefathers Principles
And Religious Creed
The Strength of a Moabitess
She draws from her Ancestral Line
And this is what shapes her
Visions and Faith intertwined
A True Moabitess
In every way
In the words of Ruth the Moabitess
You will hear her say
Where you go
I'll follow
Your God Allah is also mine
Embodied with the Holy Breath
Her Moorish Light Will Forever Shine
Written by Poetess Ruth Sadi El 2008
Copyright May 2008
All Rights Reserved
These poems are the property of the author
No part of this poem can be used, copied, stored
or printed for  any purpose without the
written consent of the author/poetess
Ruth Sadi El

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