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Who Is Prophet Noble Drew Ali?
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Who Is Prophet Drew Ali?
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Who Is Prophet Noble Drew Ali?


On January 8th, 1886 North Carolina an earthquake announced the manifestation of the returning spirit of Allah’s Prophet being manifested into human flesh. By this act of love Allah has distinguished these people with a particular favor; as he has given this distinction in the other families of man.  (Sura 10, vs. 47) This particular blessing was, the time had come for them to have a Prophet, a Messenger of God himself from their own race.

His name at birth, Timothy Drew.  Little is known of his early childhood nor of his father and mother’s true character. His father was a Moabite, and his mother a Canaanite; both soon passed out of his life.  This we do know, he grew up as any Asiatic child. 

It's stated that his Aunt, who beat him often, once threw him into a blazing furnace; yet Allah saved him from the flames. Later on he ran away from home and one night while walking on the road, he heard a voice which stated, "Where thou goeth, I goeth." As Timothy Drew was born through the new era of time in regards to his race relationship with others; they had endured almost 400 years of slavery. Just 20 years before his birth, they were set free. This new era is called Up From Slavery.

In his growing years, he began to travel.  He often came face to face with racism. Although his people were legally free, they were classed as inferior beings!  Subject to all mistreatment and abuses that the European cared to put upon them.  They were not even SECOND CLASS CITIZENS....

In this new era called Up From Slavery; his people were given a granted privilege, under the principles of the 14th and 15th amendments. Nowhere in the Union of States were they entitled to EQUAL protection of the Law.  As every state that had entered the Union had entered upon the principles of Free white males, 21 and over. These are they that created the body of politics that govern the people of this land. These are the ones who have created the educational, financial, spiritual and political institutions. Changing the status of the new freed slaves from being a slave of an individual, to the ward of the Federal Government STILL having no rights as a CITIZEN thereof. 

In the growing years of Timothy Drew he discovered many things.  Amongst them there were no religious creed taught to them that would UPLIFT them both spiritually, mentally and economically FROM their present state of being a beggar people.

Timothy Drew began to unfold as others of his kind within the educational structure that had been established for his race; at that hour gave him an illusionary view of his RACE PLACE in history!  Yet Christianity had established a group of men whose knowledge and wisdom was renowned.  They called themselves African Masons. These men sprung up during the American Revolution. This in all reality was a focal point of their salvation.  In this organization they learned as the European in his arts, crafts, sciences, and mathematics.  Here the door was wide open for GREAT LEARNING, beyond the regular established educational institution.  Here he rose through the ranks.  Here he came in contact with the Creed of Islam.  Here he became a Noble of the Egyptian Mystic Shrine.  But unlike others, he became attached to the principles, creed and faith of the ONE GOD principal as taught by Prophet Mohammed.

Some state that this is not true Islam, yet while slavery still existed in the Ottoman Empire, which stretched from the tip of Turkey to the top of North West Africa. Therefore slavery was much worse.  Not only did they enslave the Moorish descendants there, but also they castrated them and made them guardians of their prostitutes called harems.  To make it worse, they socially and physically raped their women.  Slavery was one of the major sources of economic security for the Arabians at that hour, as well as the fact they did not come propagating the faith of Mohammed but ENSLAVING under the banner of the Crescent and the Star!

Thus while other nations and people of other ethnic groups were advancing and ALLOWED to make their own fortunes, the members of Timothy Drew’s race were being held down, by either the weight of the cross on their back or under the crescent point of Islam, making the WHOLE RACE OF PEOPLE orphans!

Yet, Noble Drew still found much wisdom and understanding in Islam to be discovered.  He began to STUDY even more the precepts, principles, practices, and THE FAITH of Prophet Mohammed, for in it he knew that there was salvation for his people, IF TAUGHT PROPERLY!

As he was doing this he was still traveling abroad.  In Egypt he met a Master Sage; was tested by him and found to be true.  This said Sage gave to Noble Drew some of the innermost meaning of human life.  He also saw the place where his race built GREAT pyramids, dug the Nile, chartered the coarse of stars, and developed the Science of the Mysteries of both human life and life after death. Even here under the banner of what was called Islam, he found his people in MENTAL poverty.  They were on the bottom of the human ladder.  His people were suffering in their own country ruled by foreigners who conquered the people, soil, and both lie dying before his feet.

Noble Drew, at this point, found that the only successful members of his race were the ones who IMITATED the conquerors of his people.  Disappointed, he returned home, saddened in his heart.  In America, there were no "great" Imam, or Sheikh teaching his people ANYTHING about Islam, or anything about them selves. Yet Allah blesses whom he pleases.... Allah became pleased with Drew Ali’s intentions.

In 1912 he united himself with two other individuals: one by the name Sulaiman Mohammed, the other represented the Emir Abdul Karim El of Morocco.  From there he received certain books, lessons, and knowledge to think on greater things and the Canaanite Temple was born from this union.

As time went on the other two had other things to do, and asked of the one now called Noble Drew what he would do.  He simply stated, "I will wait on Allah to tell me.  I will return to the South."

Upon returning to the woods and hills of North Carolina, he would usually go off into the silent of the night and be one with all things.  One night he entered a place and there being lead by a voice told him to go over there, and there he made a great discovery.  There sat certain hidden things.  Here he also met the spirit of the Mighty Allah. Here he became the first and last American Prophet. While in the spirit of Allah, he was given the name Ali. These days he quickly returned to Newark, New Jersey. There the Kingdom of Heaven was re-brought to Earth. There Drew Ali established the Holy Moabite Temple of Science of the World.  Later in 1916 he founded, by the will of Allah, a Moorish Divine and National Movement of North America. During the same year the "so-called" Jewish people established the Zionist Movement.

Noble Drew Ali traveled to see President Woodrow Wilson and here he sat and they challenged him.  Drew Ali raised his right hand and light filled the room.  Noble Drew Ali asked the President to teach his people, and they asked him, "Are you talking about the ‘Negroes’?" He replied, "There are no Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People, or Ethiopians!  They are descendants of the Ancient Moabites, who inhabited the Northwest and Southwest Shores of Africa!  I came for the flag of Our Ancient Forefathers."  The President stated, "It is not yet your time!" Ali answered, "I have been appointed in due time by Allah the Great God of the Universe."

One of the President’s counsels asked, "What kind of flag is your flag?" Drew Ali said, "YOU HAVE IT HIDDEN IN YOUR VAULT!" So they went to the vault room.  They began to bring out all kinds of modern day flags.  Ali stated, "You know it is much older than these!"  They began to dig deeper and came up with a red flag and said, "This is the flag of Morocco." The Prophet stated, "I am here for the Moorish flag, that which you called a cherry tree." Then they dusted off an old flag that was red with a five pointed green star in the center.

The President and counsel stared amazed at the exactness of the Holy Prophet.  The President the said, "We have had them so long that they will not follow anyone else and to tell them would be like putting pants on a mule."  The Prophet stated, "My flock knows my voice." After a while, he left and returned to his people.

For twelve years, Noble Drew Ali became a hard working Prophet of Allah.  This man carried on the trust placed in him, faced with great odds. The coming of Prophet Drew Ali came at a time when members of his race began to understand the God Degree, which God set him as ruler of the land (Surah 2, vs. 30).

Yea, there came Father Divine and Daddy Grace, "God", Prophet Jones, etc. who had come out of the earlier attempts to establish the Faith of Mohammed. From his travels through out this land, he knew that the sins being committed and being practiced by his people in the United States of America.  As they were not living up to the Divine Principles of Honoring their Fathers and Mothers NAMES, issues, and principles.

The Holy Prophet knew that it was a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and to claim names and principles that deluded them into MENTAL slavery.  AS such, they were continuously practicing the things which bring DISHONOR, DISGRACE, and DISRESPECT to any NATION that lives the life.

First Drew Ali had to explain to the unconscious Asiatic what Islam was.  He stated clearly that Islam was a very simple faith.  Islam requires that man recognize his divine obligations and duties towards his Father God Allah, his Creator and to his fellow creatures.  Islam teaches that the supreme duty of living is to be at peace with one’s surroundings.  Islam is undoubtedly the Religion of Peace. The goal of man’s life according to Islam is peace with everything, peace with Allah, and peace with Man.

The Object of man’s life according to Islam is its complete unfolding of good.  Islam teaches that man is born with unlimited capacities for progress. Islam DOES NOT support the idea that man was born in sin.   Islam teaches that Everyone has within them the seed of perfect development and it rests solely with the individual to make or mar their future.

Now unity of Allah is the very first and foremost pillar of Islam and every other belief hangs upon it. These are just some of Prophet Drew Ali’s thoughts in regards to the Faith of the Prophet Mohammed.  Now Prophet Drew Ali recognized that a beggar nation could not reach its highest spirituality, so Drew Ali began to stress economic development and social oneness (creating a Moorish Society).  He stated this was in connection with our religious aims and beliefs.  We must promote economic security among us.  As the preaching of economic security  is by no means as widespread and intense as the circumstances demand.  Economic Security is needed more among us at this time than greater economic power. With these goals in mind, Prophet Drew Ali founded the Moorish Divine National Movement, and thus he set in place our Moorish form of a Free National Government. In order to promote a plan of a Divine nature for the betterment of man and the uplift of fallen humanity, he would teach those things that would make us better citizens , both men and women.  In connection with these aims, objects, rules, and regulations, later on he established the Moorish Science Temple of America.

The M.S.T. of A. was established for the Asiatic to see more clearly their duties, obligations, and need to adhere to the Divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.  We must establish in our general relationship with mankind that we should adhere to wisdom at all times and to uphold those fundamental principles of any civilization -- obedience to law, respect and loyalty to the Government.  As Drew Ali stated, "In a profound sense the problems of life are moral and spiritual." That is the reason that Prophet Drew Ali demanded of his followers to live a clean and moral life.  

There was to be no drinking, smoking, or using profanity and refraining from all wrathful words.  We are taught by the Prophet to enter in no relationship which will terminate or utterly destroy peace or any other of the Divine Principles handed down by our Leader.

Now as there has always been some kind of opposition to the truth, as strange as it may seem, such opposition has come from sources where there were no ideas or the lack of courage to force proper action of such ideas. In spite of all the problems that arise when leading a people, and being handicapped on every side; it wasn't until October 15th, 1925 that the first Temple of Islam was established by Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  From 1925 throughout to 1929 until he passed, Prophet Noble Drew Ali established over 15 branch temples, 20 subordinate temples, and his membership ran well over one hundred thousand.

These faithful members and followers had established Moorish businesses as well as other institutions such as schools.

Noble Drew Ali’s death was untimely.... The Moors endured years of conflict and division.  Today in this era, the End of Time and Fulfilling of the Prophecies, in spite of the absence of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish Movement of America still exists.


Our Holy Prophet stated, "Think not that I’ve come for you of this Generation, but I came for the Generations yet unborn."  The third and fourth Generations are here and some of them will come into the Temple with their eyes opened and place you "old" Moors in the back!

Today we the descendants of the old generation, born of the third and fourth generation of Moorish American Moslems realize what the Prophet meant; our eyes are truly opened and we see what our Holy Prophet saw.  In our community we find from corner to corner liquor stores owned by Moslems of the Islamic Community. Which by the existence of these stores creates orphans in our neighborhoods through the consumption of alcohol, pork, wine, cigarettes, and whiskey.  Through these acts in this country shame is the end result of those who constantly promote these evils upon the Faithful of Prophet Mohammed. 


Our men are mentally castrated, our women are socially raped.  We of the true and faithful KNOW that a real Moslem wants for his brother what he wants for himself. If we are called "cousins" by the Moslems in our neighborhoods that own liquor stores, they should drink and smoke the same things they sell us.

The rest of this article is a direct call to the Muslims who attended the Muslim Unity Conference in L.A. in August of 1996 to help end the blight that their fellow Muslims place on the community by operating such detrimental businesses.  He also calls for building a Moorish National Treasury to help build schools, businesses, and other uplifting projects.


This article was written by Chief of Ministers Dr. Ra Saadi El and he can be reached through this link: