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From A Moorish Perspective
Monday, 11 June 2007
Hiding In The Shadow Of Another People
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Islam and Greetings

While sitting this morning looking at the TV it came to my attention that our people Asiatics (African Americans) are scarce in the commercials and in the movies.   In commercials they don't even advertise Asiatic (AA) products.  This is all part of hiding behind or in the shadow of another race of people. 
We are scattered through out here and there in some tv sitcoms and commercials but as a people in this country our face is missing because we don't matter.  Our needs are not important enough for commercial to be made about what our people use or need.
I learned of some statistics of the spending power of our people and we are spending over 400 billion a year.  That was surprising to me because we own nothing in this country.  Then I said to myself, "I can't be the only one who thinks like this."  We as an Asiatic Race of people in this country have no economical value or input.  All we are doing is being excellent spenders or consumers.  We have nothing and we own nothing with our face on it.

This to me is a sad state for a creative people such as us to be in.  All we want to do as a people is spend money.  Now don't get me wrong there are some Asiatics (African Americans on a small scale doing great things.)  But as a whole race of people we have nothing.

I look at other races of people that come to this country and they have their own grocery stores, mini malls  and these people have become self supporting and economically strong within their own communities.  Something is wrong with this picture when Asiatics (African Americans) in this country can't get along long enough to agree that we as a people with the buying power of over 400 billion own nothing.

Why do we feel comfortable hiding and living in the shadow of another race of people?  Why are we afraid to be who we are and be a proud people?  Why can't we as a people get along long enough to correct this problem?

We hide behind another race of people who dictate to us what is acceptable and correct for us.  Like I said earlier while looking at the TV our face is not there.  Our Asiatic Women (AA) are satisfied in another race of people telling us what is beautiful and what is not.  We have listened to another race of people put us down so long that we are ashamed of our hair, our features and our skin shade.

If its not blonde, long and straight it is not socially acceptable.  We our in a generation that wants to have everything we were not born with.  There are skin tone creams that say it evens out our skin tone when in fact it is bleaching cream to make our complexion lighter because the lighter we can get our skin we think we will be better accepted by another race.

Asiatic Women (AA) hides behind weaves not because we have to but because we have been tricked into thinking that what we have been born with it not good enough.  We have to make it better, straighter, longer.  We were born with kinky, tight curls, nappy and thick hair.  Some would even classify our hair as hard to manage and that makes it special.  Our hair makes us unique as a people.  We have a beautifully textured hair of which we were born with and should be proud to showcase.

But instead we teach our daughters to be ashamed of what they were born with.  We put weave in our little girl’s heads because we as the mothers are ashamed of what Allah has blessed us with.  We should be teaching our little girls that they are unique and special and that they are not suppose to have the hair texture of another people.  We should be teaching them to hold their heads up high with pride and dignity because of who Allah made them to be.

It's time to stop accepting what another race says is socially acceptable for us.  We need to get back to following our Ancient Mothers who were filled with Race Pride because they knew who they were and they knew their God Allah.  They didn't have to hide behind and live in the shadow of another race of people.

It's time for us as Asiatic Women to stand up and be proud of who we are and embrace all that Allah has given us as a people.  We should not be ashamed to be who we are.  We are a Covenant People Blessed of Allah, with a Prophet sent to us from Allah.  Who came to teach us how to start loving ourselves instead of hating our selves.  Allah sent us a Prophet Drew Ali to reconnect us back into the affairs of men, and give us back Race Pride.  Our Ancestors were stripped of their humanity, their culture, their heritage, their name, and their religion.  Our Ancestors were taught that the European way of thinking was all that they needed and in the process they lost track of who they were.  And this line of thinking was passed down for many generations after them.

 Our Prophet came to get us out of mental slavery and the European way of thinking.  We no longer have to accept what another race of people say is right for us.

 OUR Prophet came to free our minds and teach us to love ourselves again.  And when we know who we are we can teach our children how to be proud of who they are and all that Allah has blessed them with .

It's Time To Stop Hiding In The Shadow Of Another People and Learn who we are.  We are not black, colored folk, Negro, Ethiopian, Afro/African American.  These are tag names that were given to our ancestors by their slave masters.  We need to give back these names and the entire negative that is associated with them.  We are a lost people wondering around with no race pride.  We have forgotten who we are and where we came from.  Our ancestors lives didn't start up from slavery, they had lives way before they were enslaved.  Our people built pyramids, dug the Nile, they were kings and queens, our People ruled Spain for 800 years.  Our ancestors go all the way back to the beginning.  We were a proud and royal people, educated, inventors, scholars.  We can't stop with up from slavery it goes way past that era of time.

It's time to learn who we really are and get back our Race Pride and our Nationality.

It's time to stop hiding in the shadow of another people.  We have a rich history and it's time to get back our Race Pride.

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This is Sis Ruth Sadi El and I am proud to be a Moorish American Moslem.  Islam is my Religion



Posted by ruth2005el at 6:41 PM EDT
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