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Explosive Rhymes By Ruth
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Personalized Poetry Gift For Every Occasion
Ruth will create a poem just for your special someone.
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(A Unique One-Of-A-Kind Anytime Poetry Gift)
Looking for a gift and just don't know what to get, or maybe you've found a card and it doesn't  say what you want it to.  You want to give something from your heart,  but just don't know how to put what you feel into words.
Then look no further, I have the perfect solution for you, something unique and something special.
Let me take your words and those wonderful moments or special events and turn them into a unique poetry gift for your special someone.
Let me personalize a poem for you.  A gift that will warm the heart and brighten someone's day. 
Let me help you tell that special someone how important they are to you, or how much you appreciate them.
Maybe you want to express to someone how happy they make you feel, or tell them how much you love them, and think about those special just because moments.
Let me create a timeless gift poem that will let your special somone know just how special they are.
I can transform your words and special thoughts from your heart into a treasured moment that will make time stand still, and give that special someone a warm thrill.  Just knowing that they received something this wonderful for their birthday, anniversary, or just because.
Give the gift of a Personalized Poem by Ruth.  You know what you want to say, let me help you say.
This is my specialty, and my passion, to take your words, your thoughts,  special moments and creative a poem.  Letting those special people in your life know how much they mean to you. 
I create poems with a loving and sincere rhyming touch. Anything  you want to tell that special someone, let me help you express yourself in a caring and memorable way.
Whether you need a poem for your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, love poem, retirement poem, birthdays, thank you poems, apologies, anniversaries, a poem for a special friend, or a poem just because. 
Explosive Rhymes by Ruth - Personalized Poetry For Every Occasion
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