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Rochelle remember the day we met,
Our hearts united into one,
You became my earth,
And I become your sun,
Bobby an instant connection,
Our spirits were running free,
I became your sky,
And you became my sea,
Our hearts then went sailing,
On a voyage deep inside our minds,
Rochelle , you invented the words,
And yes, Bobby you were our rhyme.
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved
 Sample Friendship Poem
Shelia you were there when you didn't have to be,
You carried me until I could clearly see,
You listened when no one else cared,
My ups and downs you've always shared,
Through thick and thin,
In the good times and bad,
When I was down,
You made my heart glad,
I thank you for looking out for me,
And believed I could always achieve.
Thanks  Shel For Being My Friend
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright 2005
All Right Reserved
Ruth also has poems  already  created
that can fit any occasion and these poems
can  be personalized just for you.
"A Poem To Encourage"
You Made Me See
When my heart was sad
You made me see
All the wonderful things
That I could be
You never let me slip and fall
When you spoke words to my heart
You made me feel tall
There would be no me without you
I trust and believe you love me too
When I was down and couldn't see
You caused me to remember life's
Thanks for being there for me
You Made Me See
Written by Ruth Sadi El
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved
All poems on this website are the sole
property of the author, Ruth Sadi El
These poems can not be copied or reproduced